Microsoft shutting down Wunderlist

Microsoft Shutting Down Wunderlist: Replacing With To Do

Just last month, Microsoft introduced To-Do, a new app for taking notes and scheduling your to-do list. It will be incorporated into the Office 365 and will be powered by an intelligent algorithm. However, the first item off the list of the new app is “retire” Wunderlist. Microsoft shutting down Wunderlist came as a surprise, considering that the tech giant acquired it two years ago.

In a blog post, Microsoft said that To-Do is an “intelligent task management app that makes it easy to plan and manage your day.” The people behind the app are the same minds that developed Wunderlist. According to the company, To-Do offers a smarter, a more personalised and an instinctive means of helping people to stay on top of their A-game by organizing their day.

Microsoft Shutting Down Wunderlist: Replacing With To Do

If you think that Microsoft will let Wunderlist off the hook, you are dead wrong. The company is bent on the exit of the app. For the time being, the tech giant is prodding Wunderlist users to chop and change to the new app. As such, an importer is available wherein you can bring your checklists and business agenda from the Wunderlist into To-Do. These items will then be accessible via Microsoft products, such as Exchange.

In 2015, Microsoft purchased the then-startup Wunderlist for $100-$200 million dollars, according to The Wall Street Journal. Despite the acquisition, Wunderlist was allowed to operate as a separate product for two years. Today, it seems that Microsoft ought to assimilate the team’s work closer. And some users are not happy about it.

As per the Business Insider, it became a habit of Microsoft to acquire the in-demand productivity applications only to cease their operations and activities. It can be remembered that they bought Sunrise, a popular calendar app, in 2015. After one year, Sunrise was shut down and integrated with Outlook Calender Apps.

Last month, Microsoft also announced that Access Services in SharePoint Online will come to close. It garnered mix reactions, with some users disappointed with the move as they were not given enough time to adapt to the transition.

sharepoint news

Sharepoint News May-June 2015

For many enterprises and organizations, SharePoint has evolved into a necessary tool. It’s currently being used as a source for not only corporate data but procedures, intellectual property, and a host of other vital functions. Today, we’ll SharePoint news and examine what’s taking place and is of great importance to all SharePoint users.

SharePoint 2016

Microsoft seems to be on a constant trail of keeping pace with technological advancements. From the release in 2003, through to 2007 and thereafter 2010, SharePoint has continued to evolve.

As we speak, another new version of SharePoint is slated for 2016. On the summer of 2015, there’ll be a preview version of the said SharePoint. The Release of SharePoint 2016 has been slated for the second quarter of 2016.

Microsoft has stated that both versions( online version and on-premise) will continue to undergo changes and new developments even as the latest version is due to be unveiled.

SharePoint still lives on in Office 365. It acts as the powerhouse for the product. But despite the covert actions by Microsoft about another version of SharePoint, currently, things seem to have taken a different direction and as we speak, on-premise SharePoint is back and better than before.

What to expect

The future of SharePoint is quite clear. Much emphasis has been put on two aspects: on premise and in the cloud.

Microsoft has invested a lot on SharePoint in the cloud, something that’s been greeted with mixed reactions some wondering whether it’s the only option on SharePoint that’s been considered by Microsoft moving forward.

However, that might not necessarily be the case. During the Microsoft’s Ignite conference held in Chicago, it came out pretty clear that a lot was invested deeply in coming up with a hybrid so that many might have a plenty of options to choose from.

SharePoint seems focused on management, experiences and extensibility not only across office 365, but with server as well. Key features to expect include

• Expanded OneDrive
• Social- integration across Office 365 through Yammer
• Power Bi, which is basically an integrated analytical platform.
• Expanded management layer
• Office 365 APIs, which provides much deeper levels of extensibility and integration for SharePoint.
• Office Delve, an enhanced search application.
• NextGen Portals, a portal built to provide a great platform for mobile users.

In addition, here’s another event that’s due just soon, aiming at discussing a lot more about SharePoint.

SharePoint Fest

SharePoint Fest is basically a two-day training conference that boasts well over 70 sessions cutting across multiple tracks that tend to bring together enthusiasts and SharePoint practitioners. It’s usually attended by leading SharePoint experts, as well as solution providers.

The two-day event, beginning 18th August 2015, will take place in Seattle, Washington.

Among the things to expect during this conference include discussions about the evolution of SharePoint brought about by cloud, amongst many other SharePoint aspects.

Keynote speakers to expect include Microsoft’s Bill Baer and Michelle Caldwell, who is the Microsoft SharePoint MVP.

To learn more about SharePoint, don’t miss out on this great event.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is also unveiling new OneDrive specifically for business features. This is in a bid for enterprise cloud file sharing turf, while at the same time leaving more structured collaboration for SharePoint.

Overall, there has been a slew of developments taking place in regard to SharePoint and apart from the few SharePoint news we’ve shined a spotlight on, a lot more seems to be in progress. We can only wait with bated breath as we anticipate a host of changes designed to help individuals, teams, and business work more effectively with the tool.

Creating a More Natural Harmonious Workplace

Companies designate employees and assigned in different groups for specific tasks. They usually need to work as a team and ensure that morale and productivity is boosted. This is the reason why companies often look for team players who are able to work and perform their best with everyone. With that being said, the employee’s end isn’t the only factor that needs to be considered as companies are also tasked to provide a harmonious workplace for them to cultivate their talents and skills further. This is indeed quite true especially if their work is quite demanding.

One can spend an entire day in the social media space when they are assigned to this related field. They can use several business and digital solutions such as Sharepoints for a more efficient and dynamic workflow. Of course, they still end up spending a considerable amount of time in the office making it important to keep their spirits high and in turn make them feel comfortable. This helps them reach a relatively good working condition as a result. Here are ways on how to create a more natural harmonious workplace for your employees.

Consider your Environment

A good way to start creating a harmonious workplace is to consider the environment that your employees are working in. You need to make sure that the workplace is spacious for them to be able to move and breathe freely with little to no worries. Working in a cramped office space only adds to that extra amount of stress and pressure that your employees will be experiencing. This will greatly affect their overall morale making them less productive as a result. This is the reason why a number of individuals would often prefer to work in their own private cubicle.

Consider Adding Office Plants

If you have the spacious office and work setting, adding several touches and design to it can make a huge difference. Adding some indoor office plants can make the overall ambience fresh and revitalizing. They also help produce fresh air, eliminating air pollutants in the process. In addition, office plants can help reduce the stress levels creating a more positive attitude. There are also a lot of office plants to choose from making your workplace distinct and varied from the rest.

EMF Balancing

You may also want to consider EMF balancing technique for your employees. This is where balance is restored to an individual by aligning their own Electro-Magnetic Field. EMF works on the physical, mental, or emotional level of a person in an effort to bring balance with each other. It is indeed a relaxing and nurturing process that is used to relieve stress or bring more harmony into your employees. For this to become a possibility, companies may be required to invest in some EMF therapy sessions. With that said, the positive results often outweigh the risks as employees feel like their new again, gaining a firm control of their emotion and lives. Check them out today.