SharePoint Promoted on Social Media: Who’s Doing It Best?

SharePoint’s success can be attributed to its huge number of users. People from all over the world have benefited greatly from the great deal of convenience SharePoint brings to them on their day to day lives. The same can also be said with regards to companies that were able to streamline their daily activities making them more seamless with the help of SharePoint. Those who want to receive the latest news and updates about the product will be able to find them over the internet. Let us look at some of the profiles of SharePoint groups or experts around the world.

SharePoint Promoted on Social Media: Who’s Doing It Best?

SharePoint promoters are often finding success with the business that they are managing. A good example of this can be found with Webvine director Marcus Dervin on Linked-In. Mr. Dervin provides SharePoint, Office 365 and Dynamics CRM consultancy to his clients. His company has created Injio, a ready to go SharePoint Digital Workplace Intranet which offers a ton of features that can be completely tailored to suit their needs.

Noora Hakkarainen is Sharepoint Consultant and Social Media Expert at AURUM CONSULTING GMBH, She is SharePoint professional having special expertise in online and digital business service development, concepting as well as training. Working as a Consultant for several years’ experience on the customer side, Noora Hakkarainen has become an expert in SharePoint 2010 platform and O365 Services

Another great example is Isha Kapoor Sr. a SharePoint Consultant, SharePoint MVP as well as the Founder of Her main area of focus is to provide professional Services in all Cloud Technologies (Office 365, Azure), SharePoint Server (including SharePoint 2016) and other Microsoft technologies such as Office, OneDrive for business etc.

Veronique Palmer CEO of Lets Collaborate has also made quite a name for herself over the years being a Specialist at User Adoption Strategies, Governance, Evangelism and Communication Strategies. She has won 12 awards in 7 years while at the same time a finalist in 4 others. As mentioned earlier, she is the founder of Lets Collaborate having 10 years of SharePoint experience. In addition, she has also been invited to speak at several SharePoint conferences including South Africa, Australia, Singapore, UK, USA and Canada.

Joseph Saad, SharePoint MCM is a SharePoint Architect and Consultant at Dell Technologies. Mr Saad has acquired over 19 years of experience in IT industry with a central focus on helping organization with achieving value from their SharePoint and Office 365 implementations. He is also Focusing on SharePoint Infrastructure, Process Automation, SharePoint migration and disaster recovery.

It should be noted that LinkedIn profiles is not the only place that you will be able to find SharePoint groups or experts around the world. SharePoint on Twitter is also being discussed quite frequently even as we speak. This in turn makes Twitter also a good place to find fellow SharePoint enthusiasts. For instance, Damon Sanchez, is a creative illustrator, designer and programming philosopher shares SharePoint news and updates to thousands of his followers. Facebook is also a great platform to find individuals who promote SharePoint over social media. Joining online communities and groups will also help widen your reach and connectivity which is great if you are looking for SharePoint users giving you a far better understanding of the software.



Chinese Social Media: Does it Help in Business?

In the Asian economic scene, there is no bigger superpower than China. This country has a dynamic and expanding economy that is able to grow and thrive in a global setting because those who are in the industry are willing to grow, learn, and adapt with the changing times.

One of the biggest reasons why China is such an economic superpower in Asia is the fact that many business owners are able to keep up with the trends of social media, and to be able to utilize that in expanding and growing their businesses. Social media has become such an important tool in the Chinese business scene, allowing for marketing and advertising, customer services, and other business-related functions.

You can do the math: nearly half of China’s 513 million population are social media users, and the main choice of social media in China applications that are made by local developers. Since they are made by local developers, it’s easier for the Chinese population to understand and use the interface of these apps. Another huge reason why China relies mainly on these apps is because the government virtually bans foreign investors from entering the Chinese social media scene with foreign apps. However, some consumers get though this loophole by using VPN services, allowing them access to larger social media sites, such as Facebook. On the whole, however, Chinese social media users prefer not to bother, and use what is available to them.

So imagine that kind of situation: you have almost 275 million users who are focused on using available social media apps, and all the available business and potential customer bases can be found in these apps. It’s almost a self-contained market!

That being said, here are 5 Chinese social media sites that rank at the top of the social media mountain, and are worthy of attention for those who are looking to break into the Chinese social media market:

  1. Sina Weibo

    When you look at the functions and user capabilities of this app, one can effectively call it the “Twitter” of China, but this app offers features that Twitter has only starting offering more recently, such as the ability to share images and video.Sine Weibo actually has twice the users that Twitter does, and this is amazing considering that it’s mainly a China-based app. Today, it’s the most popular Chinese social media app, and it’s a top hub for consumer-based activity. It’s also the main choice of app for Chinese celebrities who want to interact with their fans. However, even Western-based celebrities use this app to interact with their Chinese fans. For example, Tom Cruise has over 4 million followers on Sina Weibo.

  2. TencentWhile Tencent is thought to be a social media platform that encompasses all the needs of a social media user, its main function is as an instant messenger using the QQ platform. However, the QQ platform also allows a user to use the other functions, such as image and video sharing, posting messages and status updates, and other functions that a social media site allows.While Tencent does have its own social networking site, Pengyou, it has a lower number of active users compared to other Chinese social media sites. However, since it incorporates many different websites in one platform, Tencent has the highest number of registered users.
  3. Douban

    An app that boasts around 80 MILLION active users per month, Douban is an open forum-type of platform that is mainly used for book, movie, and music reviews. It’s very attractive for users because even unregistered users can use up to 80% of the programs offered in the app.

  4. Renren

    Considering what kind of functionality that Renren offers, one can call it the “Facebook” of China. It allows users to connect with friends, update their statuses, share music, videos, and links, and many of the other features that Facebook has. Interestingly, Renren was in competition with another company called Kaixin for this market, and won by popular vote. With 147 million registered users and 31 million active users per month, Renren is poised to take over as the social networking platform for the college-educated population in China.

  5. WeChat

    The premiere instant messaging app in China, WeChat is easy to use, has fantastic user interface, and is used by millions of Chinese users. WeChat is a mobile chat and voice app that allows users to discover other users using a capability called “friend discovery”, which points out other WeChat users in the area. Although not initially a typical social network, Wechat has continually added more social networking features to its product, including a photo-sharing platform and an LBS component. Currently, it has more than 100 million users.


If one were to consider the sheer size and focus of the Chinese market in terms of active and potential users, one can safely say that Chinese social media will be very effective for any business looking to make a break in China.


future social media for business

Future Social Media – Which of It is Useful for Business?

Few years ago, when social media was unveiled, no one ever thought it could grow to what we see today. As we speak, the relevance of social media can never be disputed. It has evolved into something truly useful and of great significance to the world.

Social media and business is now viewed in a new light. New and exciting aspects, including more meaningful content, marketing campaigns, and business networking have amplified the significance of existing social media.

All business thus ought to stay updated with advances in social media. It might sound awkward hearing about a business that still directs all its business campaigns and other aspects through Myspace. Of course you don’t expect them to be on top of their game. However, the existing social media still remains a vital aspect for every business. Here how.


Facebook is a social media that allows people to interact, share and create content via online communities. Most businesses are starting to realize the potential of the platform in building relationships with customers.

Being a popular way for people to stay in touch, many businesses especially service providers, have used it to develop and nurture good relationships with their customers.

Apparently, both advertisers and marketers double up as ardent fans of Facebook since they are able to reach audiences, change customer needs and understand trends.

It’s enabled them to reach a far wider audience frequently with content tailored to their needs and interests. Overall, it acts as an extension of the business.


Is twitter part of your business? Well, with all the latest twitter updates, trends, and real-time marketing, you’ll wouldn’t want to miss out on all the fresh things it has to offer.

Twitter allows you to tell your business story to its community, more specifically those that you follow as well as those who follow you.

You can also integrate twitter into your online business presence by adding it to the information on your site and blog as well share the timeline on your site in order to tell your business story.


Instagram offers a great platform to share your brand’s superior point of view. Since most Instagrammers are so passionate about the platform, not hesitating to express their love for breathtaking imagery, you’ll definitely reach an audience that’s open to new perspectives.

Apart from photography, travel and hotel businesses, any business that’s ready to share captivating visuals in a move to share their business story will find the platform really creative and inspiring.


Pinterest doubles up as a brilliant place where businesses can discover great ideas for all their projects and interests.

It’s quite similar to Instagram, with most pinners having already expressed their love for boards that are inspiring, catchy, with beautiful images.
By creating boards for places, ideas, moods and people behind your brand, you can draw people into your business.


SharePoint social features have made it thrive especially when it comes to networking. With applications such as microblogging, email, instant messaging and social networking(community sites), it only makes sense that every business possess it as a compulsory tool. All the platforms can be used for business scenarios as well as other functions.


With LinkedIn, you can attract talent, recruit potential candidates, tell your business story, network, as well as get quality leads.
Any business looking forward to add credibility and authenticity to their business ought to turn to LinkedIn.

The future of social media

When it comes to future social media, new developments in social media seem to be stopping at nothing. New platforms set to shake the social media universe are in the works. Here’s an overview of the few you can expect.


It’s been lauded by many as the next Facebook. Although not fully complete yet, it’s already flowing with countless requests. In fact, the requests have been so overwhelming that they had to temporary shut down the invite system.

Ello can be likened to a private members club. It’s so exclusive. The big hype around it basically justifies its relevance. Business people definitely find it as an ideal hangout platform where they can share and network as well.


Edgee can be classified as a ticking bomb yet to rummage through social media and business and bring everything to a standstill. Maier, the owner of Edgee, believes it will reach out to a wide and potential audience in a style that elevates substance over show.

Businesses can air out their expertise and attract attention using their unique insights. Any business, small to big, will actually find it as genuine and organic when it comes nurturing trust and understanding with their potential clients.

Others that have been rumored to be the next big thing include:

Procurious – a platform that targets professionals in procurement and supply division.

Tagstr – a platform that focuses entirely on sharing and capturing experience via #tags.

Bottom line

Business excellence is normally driven by great strategy and social media in business is no exception. Taking note of the new future social media as well as capitalizing on the present ones will definitely develop and boost business performance.

Technical Expenses for Small Business

To successfully run a small business, you’ll incur a few expenses. Today, every small business is different. Despite the variety of expenses each has to incur, there are some that are generic and more typical. Right from start-up to running costs, you will incur technical expenses.

What are technical expenses?

Technical expenses form a broad category of costs that constitute, majorly, non-capital items. Moreover, if the expense provides technical benefit and can be specifically identified, then they should be directly charged to sponsored projects as technical expenses. Sometimes administrative costs are planned and allocated to project’s technical aspects. If they are justified and approved by the sponsor, then they will qualify as technical expenses.

Apart from the aforementioned, other examples of technical expenses include:

• Technical staff salaries plus related fringe benefits
• Computing costs (non-administrative)
• Specialized shop costs
• Computing devices
• Lab supplies
• Non-capital equipment (those less than $5000)
• Any other material required as part of the project’s scope

Among the challenges that most of these small business owners face include obtaining funds, funds that can be used to offset these expenses and conduct other business operations. However, small business loans have come handy as a viable funding option.

Let’s examine the top three reasons why you need to get a small business loan. As much as there might be other options such as venture capital, small business loans have stood out among the rest. Why? Take a look.

Are you just starting out? Well, you might need a couple of resources. Your business will definitely need some computing devices, a couple of non-capital equipment, just to name but a few. All these double up as technical expenses and that’s a reason enough to apply for this loan.

Secondly, you might be well beyond starting out and right at that point where your business just needs expansion. That means the addition of a few items here and there- supplies, may be additional technical staff, and others. In fact, upgrading your equipment comes off as a necessity. If you need assistance at this point, then I’m pretty sure this loan will be of great value.

Lastly, sudden or unplanned for increases in technical expenses will occur often. Sometimes, they may be temporary in nature. At this point, the best you can ever wish is to see your business running. How? Well, should you find out that you need funding at this time, then such loans should top your list of priorities.

Solutions of technical expenses

Another important thing to note about these expenditures is that they are treated differently. Why? Well, one can easily charge wrong expenses to the right account, for instance, general supplies as well as expenses normally used by technical staff, although not intended for accomplishing the scope of work. Note that such costs should be treated as administrative expenses.

Overall, technical expenses will occur as ordinary expenses. They are a necessary part of your business. Always be sure to treat them appropriately and ensure they are well accounted for as a necessary part of your business.

Creating a More Natural Harmonious Workplace

Companies designate employees and assigned in different groups for specific tasks. They usually need to work as a team and ensure that morale and productivity is boosted. This is the reason why companies often look for team players who are able to work and perform their best with everyone. With that being said, the employee’s end isn’t the only factor that needs to be considered as companies are also tasked to provide a harmonious workplace for them to cultivate their talents and skills further. This is indeed quite true especially if their work is quite demanding.

One can spend an entire day in the social media space when they are assigned to this related field. They can use several business and digital solutions such as Sharepoints for a more efficient and dynamic workflow. Of course, they still end up spending a considerable amount of time in the office making it important to keep their spirits high and in turn make them feel comfortable. This helps them reach a relatively good working condition as a result. Here are ways on how to create a more natural harmonious workplace for your employees.

Consider your Environment

A good way to start creating a harmonious workplace is to consider the environment that your employees are working in. You need to make sure that the workplace is spacious for them to be able to move and breathe freely with little to no worries. Working in a cramped office space only adds to that extra amount of stress and pressure that your employees will be experiencing. This will greatly affect their overall morale making them less productive as a result. This is the reason why a number of individuals would often prefer to work in their own private cubicle.

Consider Adding Office Plants

If you have the spacious office and work setting, adding several touches and design to it can make a huge difference. Adding some indoor office plants can make the overall ambience fresh and revitalizing. They also help produce fresh air, eliminating air pollutants in the process. In addition, office plants can help reduce the stress levels creating a more positive attitude. There are also a lot of office plants to choose from making your workplace distinct and varied from the rest.

EMF Balancing

You may also want to consider EMF balancing technique for your employees. This is where balance is restored to an individual by aligning their own Electro-Magnetic Field. EMF works on the physical, mental, or emotional level of a person in an effort to bring balance with each other. It is indeed a relaxing and nurturing process that is used to relieve stress or bring more harmony into your employees. For this to become a possibility, companies may be required to invest in some EMF therapy sessions. With that said, the positive results often outweigh the risks as employees feel like their new again, gaining a firm control of their emotion and lives. Check them out today.