SharePoint data breaches

SharePoint Data Breaches Happen to One in Two Companies

In a survey by Emedia, they asked SharePoint users two simple questions. One, if they have an existing data security protocol. And two, if it covers SharePoint. The results showed that two-thirds of these organisations do not have security policies for SharePoint in place. No wonder that SharePoint data breaches happen to one in two companies.

According to a security expert, it is surprising to know that SharePoint users are paying no attention to the security implications of not having a data security policy in place. This may be because of slackness, being uninformed, or confusion regarding the persons in charge of instigating such policy.

SharePoint Data Breaches Happen To One In Two Companies

Earlier this month, the Ponemon Institute and Metalogix released a report concerning data storage policies of organisations using SharePoint, Dropbox and other file sharing applications. The report called Handle with Care: Protecting Sensitive Data in Microsoft SharePoint, Collaboration Tools and File Share Applications, aims to illustrate how businesses, professionals and SharePoint users safeguard their sensitive data. As per the research, SharePoint data breaches happened to almost half of SharePoint users in the last two years. In addition, more than three-fourths of them are not convinced that the existing tools are highly effective in securing sensitive data against unintended exposure and breaches.

In an interview, Dr. Larry Ponemon, the Chairman and Founder of Ponemon Institute, said that organisations are not doing their best to safeguard the enormous amount of data that are stored in SharePoint.

Securing the SharePoint Environment

As a growing number of organisations store and access crucial information on SharePoint, it is only a must that they institute practices in the organisation, management and protection of these data. In doing so, they can regulate the people in the company who have access to the sensitive information. Since not everyone will have to use such information, it is ideal that you limit these data to those who only need them.

Another thing that organisations can do is to examine the user activity. For small businesses, they can do this through the Management Activity API. On the other hand, big organisations are advised to utilise security tools in analysing user events.

The SharePoint Virtual Summit: Preview: What It Will Cover

Many of you may not know what SharePoint is all about, or rather, think that you do not know what it is all about. If, however, you have Microsoft Office 365 and/or OneDrive you are already part of the SharePoint revolution. You are probably, already, benefiting from the Cloud in your accessibility to so many apps across your devices. You may well, already, use Skype for your business or personal pleasure, Outlook for your email, and maybe Yammer for networking. SharePoint is the name for bringing all these great apps together under one uniting umbrella.

The SharePoint Virtual Summit: Preview: What It Will Cover

Yes, there is going to be a SharePoint virtual summit and in this article, I will be touching on just some of the things that will be covered in this free, global, online event. There are more than 85 million users, already, in this space. SharePoint is all about super intelligent content management and smart intranet. The summit will show you how these applications can be used to connect your workplace inside and out. How to transform business into a creative and dynamic process that will deliver more effortlessly.

There were 50 000 people involved last May in the Future of SharePoint virtual event and this next summit is going to be so much bigger. Microsoft Teams is a new chat-based workspace and is connecting more people in new ways. SharePoint is delivering excitement across all mobile platforms and at home with Office 365. Business process development is happening with PowerApps and Microsoft Flow integration at unprecedented speeds. Discover the toolkit for the twenty first century and harness your businesses’ potential for future growth right now. Deal with security issues to prevent data loss across all platforms.

Virtual summits allow you to switch on and switch off at your discretion. Get what you want out of it and not be tied up with too much extraneous detail. This event will be broadcast via social media to all corners of the world. Microsoft may be getting on in years, but they still have a great handle on technology for businesses. The SharePoint virtual summit will open plenty of peoples’ eyes to the scope of cloud technologies. There are so many things that we can now do away from the office, which should result in us having more freedom to do more things in our lives. This is technology enriching our potential.