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How Your Business Could Be Using SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful web-based application that removes the need to have separate software programs for storage and data management. While many organisations started off by using SharePoint on their internal networks, SharePoint Online, which is the cloud version of SharePoint, is now increasingly popular as it’s included with many Office 365 packages. SharePoint is extremely useful to businesses as it is highly configurable and enables you to customise it for your businesses.

Here’s a brief overview of how business could be using SharePoint:

  1. Intranet for communication within the organisation  SharePoint intranets help organise information and people as well as projects. Building an Intranet could provide an ideal replacement for Excel spreadsheets and Access databases as Microsoft Office has already been integrated. Since SharePoint is accessed through your web browser, you can now readily access your data from PCs, Macs, tablets and even smartphones even if you don’t have Microsoft Office. As for larger enterprises, SharePoint enables everyone in the organisation to find the person or expertise they need with the use of team member profiles.
  2. Extranet  If you need a private place to share documents and pertinent information with clients or remote team members, SharePoint is the ideal place. You can use SharePoint to build a password-protected extranet to share your materials securely and easily.
  3. Storing, sharing and finding files and information  Being able to store documents on SharePoint means you can be confident that your documents are easier to share and find. SharePoint allows you to provide specific access to whole folders or individual files. Plus, SharePoint’s built-in search easily helps you to quickly find whatever you are looking for within the organisation.
  4. Project management  SharePoint is absolutely perfect for managing team tasks and projects. You can create your own individual and team task lists, which easily integrate with tools like Outlook and Project Professional
  5. Internal social network  SharePoint is equipped with two enterprise-level social networks to help teams stay connected and share ideas in one place, ideal for large organisations. The Microblog Newsfeed allows team members to share updates including videos and images. On the other hand, the private social network app Yammer enables teams to easily collaborate together online whether your people are working remotely or in multiple business locations.
  6. Events management  SharePoint also enables staff to effortlessly plan company events. You can organise and store all the tasks and related documents in SharePoint, and then make the announcements on your intranet or internal social network.
  7. Websites and Web content management  SharePoint also enables you to easily set up a simple website. Non-technical staff are able to design and publish internal and external responsive websites using some tools which are built into SharePoint. Once these websites go live, your team members can then manage your websites using the built-in content management system.

There are hundreds of apps in SharePoint apps that enable you to extend its capabilities. Microsoft partners such as WebVine can help you customise and enable these features to give you the best user experience of SharePoint.