info on SharePoint technology

SharePoint is a business collaboration platform specifically designed for businesses and organisations on the Internet. It does not pertain to a certain product or technology, but to a multiple features of a Web-based collaborative solution. Through SharePoint, anyone can come up and handle their own collaborative web page. What’s more is that the technology makes it easier for people in your business or organisation find and share info; thus, resulting to well-thought out decisions.

In Australia, small businesses such as local cabinet makers, and even medium-sized and large scale enterprises use the SharePoint technology. Here is a list of some of them.

Businesses and Organisations that Use the SharePoint Technology

Mondelēz Australia

Mondelēz is a multinational conglomerate with an annual revenue of $35 billion. It is also one of the favourite food manufacturers of Australians, mainly because of their delicious line of products. The company needed an extranet site for their Manufacturing Trial Management. This site should be able to accommodate all trial manufacturing records, both from New Zealand and Australia. But their current system is slow and does not streamline Mondelez’s workflow.

Through SharePoint technology, staff members can access all info related to any project in just one click. SharePoint also instituted a paperless solution where all documents, appointments and sign offs are accomplished and done in the portal.

The Tax Institute

The Tax Institute is the country’s foremost professional association and educator in tax. Comprised of more than 12,000 members, the Tax Institute aims to inform and develop the proficiency in tax, and improve the status of the industry.

Over the years, the Tax Institute prioritised growth, resulting in an array of products and services they provide. Having said that, the technology of the Institute was left behind. Among the things they need to overhaul is their document management system and intranet facility. By using SharePoint technology, a single template was needed for sharing across all managers. This streamlined workflow saves a lot of time and effort, and also guaranteed a more accurate data.

NSW Institute of Sport

The NSW Institute of Sport is one of the best high performance centre and Olympic training ground. Twenty years ago, the NSWIS started helping Australian athletes achieve their fullest potential through coaching and training. But with so many athlete profiles to keep up and maintain, the organisation’s record keeping practice suffers. Using SharePoint technology, the administration organised their documentation process, with special focus on Sports Science and Medicine. The technology allowed staff members to easily and quickly share inter-department documents and files. Thanks to SharePoint, NSWIS now has an orderly and consistent document filing scheme.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is the most trusted weight-loss organisation in the country. They are focused on helping people make better and healthier choices. Since they have thousands of consultants and support staff spread across the country and in New Zealand, they wanted to augment the passing of information internally. In addition, Weight Watchers is yearning for a single intranet that will promote engagement among their workforce by letting them contribute important and relevant data under a single platform. Through SharePoint, everyone now has a steady and trusted source of corporate information and industry news. Despite having a consolidated document library of guidelines and procedures, SharePoint technology ensures that Weight Watchers is in compliance with Sarbanes Oxley.

Insurance Advisernet Australia

Insurance Advisernet Australia is one of the biggest and most trusted insurance brokerages in the country and in New Zealand. Currently, they have more than 180 insurance advisors located in 140 sites. Since their community is getting bigger, they have to ameliorate how important business info is accessed and shared to the company’s representatives. By using SharePoint, a secure access to their representatives was instituted where it contains the data and reporting tools. All business applications were also integrated, thereby facilitating a more visible exchange of information between the company and its representatives.