Microsoft SharePoint 2013 comes in a variety of flavours. Firstly, there is SharePoint Online which is part of Office 365. Then there is SharePoint Enterprise, SharePoint Standard, as well as SharePoint Foundation – which is completely free.

It goes without saying that for a SharePoint intranet to provide great value to the business it needs to:

  • Address issues that affect everyone in the organisation e.g. provide a staff directory if one doesn’t exist,
  • Build mini applications to address business pain points such as replacing manual processes,
  • Change business behaviours: heavy email usage is a sure sign of inefficient working, there are a much better options,
  • Foster collaboration within and between departments to reduce the daily grind tasks,
  • Enable users to do real work, not just read the news,
  • Ensure SharePoint Search is accurate and reliable,
  • Only provide tools that people are going to need and use, and
  • Lead people to a new way of working together

SharePoint 2013 has a vast array of features such as

  • SharePoint Designer 2013 to create workflows, BCS and a whole lot more
  • Newsfeeds, Blogs, Wikis and more for collaboration
  • MySites to track the documents, sites and people you are following
  • Drag and drop navigation
  • Drag and drop documents and images
  • Co-authoring of documents – yes multiple people can work on the same document at the same time
  • Editing lists and libraries easily
  • Sharing documents directly to people and groups without having to request the administrator to do so
  • Sending links to documents externally that expire
  • The ability to create SharePoint to be however you like
  • Responsive Design so you can create specialised mobile, tablet and desktop views

You can use SharePoint 2013 as an Intranet, an Extranet or a Public website. Or all of the above!

So get on board with SharePoint 2013, watch your business transform, stop relying on email and old share drives and get with the new times.