Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is a diverse platform with various web applications designed for small and big enterprises. Its first release was initially designed to offer a simplified user experience along with added capabilities for enterprise social media. It has now expanded to include website management capabilities that integrate blogs, shared calendars, surveys, wikis, shared task lists and document libraries.

In order for a SharePoint intranet to provide great value to the business, it needs to:

  • Address issues that affect everyone in the organisation such as providing a staff directory in order to easily locate people within the organization.
  • Integrate applications to address business pain points such as replacing manual processes
  • Change inefficient behaviours within the organization such as heavy email usage and provide better alternatives
  • Foster collaboration within and between departments to reduce the daily grind tasks
  • Enable users to do real work and not just read the news
  • Ensure vital information is disseminated properly
  • Provide appropriate tools that people are going to need and use, and
  • Lead people to a new way of working together

SharePoint 2013 has a vast array of features such as

1. Newsfeed which enables you to see other people’s activities and post to team sites that you’re following or even to the public newsfeed.
2. OneDrive which allows you to store documents in a library, share these with people in the organisation, and receive alerts whenever a document gets updated. User profiles have also been improved by refining navigation, simplifying sharing options and setting defaults on privacy settings.
3. A new Community Site template available to all members of the organization with features such as a built-in search, new ratings systems to engage community members. It also allows to keep discussion history to comply with corporate governance guidelines.
4. Drag and drop documents and images from your desktop to SharePoint and sync libraries to your computer from SharePoint. Multiple people can also work on the same document at the same time.
5. A Responsive Design so you can create specialised mobile, tablet and desktop views