Office 365 vs Sharepoint

Office 365 vs Sharepoint: Deciding Between The Two

It is said that Microsoft’s biggest move to date was the introduction of Office 365 on the market. Over the past decade, the tech giant released two versions of Office 365 and three versions of Sharepoint — 2007, 2010 and 2013. For every release of these versions, Microsoft included new features and improved some of the old ones. But which of them will help your business? If you are still undecided between the two, let’s discuss the high points and low points of Office 365 vs Sharepoint.

Office 365 vs Sharepoint: Deciding Between The Two

Office 365 and Sharepoint has one thing in common — the cloud. Some interchanges the cloud and software as a service (SaaS), but it’s alright as they are just the same. The cloud pertains to an online product that is hosted by a third-party vendor that provides services via their hardware. If you are using Google Drive or DropBox, you are actually using the cloud. In simpler terms, you are acquiring a content from the main online storage by streaming or downloading it for your perusal.

Office 365 is Microsoft’s adaptation of the cloud. Like what was mentioned earlier, it comes with certain features, such as the Microsoft Office tools, SharePoint Online and a couple of business software. On the other hand, SharePoint, per se, is a network platform that is set in place on your server. Generally, the SharePoint is managed by your company’s IT department.

There are different versions available with SharePoint. However, it may be costly when you try to update from one server to another, and in purchasing software licenses. Like Office 365, SharePoint comes with extra features. That said, Office 365 is a subscription service whereas SharePoint is a single product.

Which one is better?

The answer may well depend on your budget and needs. For one, Office 365 is paid monthly for each user. In SharePoint, you only need the licenses in order to access the SharePoint server. When it comes to feature updates, Office 365 is more frequently re-equipped with new features since it is a service. However, you are only given a little space in terms of custom branding under Office 365, unlike in Sharepoint.

In the aspect of functionality, Office 365 may have the edge over SharePoint. External sharing of content via OneDrive is only possible via Office 365. But in respect of security, SharePoint is the clear winner. This is because the IT department personally oversees the whole system. They are also in total control of SharePoint.

Based on general observation, employees are more inclined to use Office 365 because they can easily get their work done. On the other hand, IT experts opt for SharePoint since they can fix firsthand the issues that may arise.