Companies in Adelaide is quite keen in utilising the latest technologies and trends found in the present. SharePoint technology has proven its worth over the years offering a huge amount of convenience and relief to its users. SharePoint is a web-based application which was primarily sold as a document management and storage system. However, throughout the course of time, SharePoint became highly configurable and usage varies substantially between organizations. Let us look at a few of the many Adelaide businesses utilising SharePoint technology with their day to day activities.

  1. Caltex

The notable petroleum brand Caltex has been proudly fueling Australia since 1900. The company has taken the necessary measures keeping up with the times applying SharePoint to reach their global audiences.

  1. Velrada

Velrada works with clients to ensure that business and systems projects are delivered successfully. The company offers timely and effective information management by offering the likes of SharePoint Upgrade & Enterprise Document and Records Management Solutions to their clients.

  1. MGM Infotech

MGMInfoTech, is a privately held software development company who specializes in software development areas, Mobile app development, web designing areas and more.

  1. Chamonix

The team at Chamonix are well versed in cloud-based technologies including SharePoint. They operate each one of our internal business systems in the cloud which allows for seamless and fast exchange of information with their staff as well as to their clients.

  1. Night Sky Solutions

Night Sky helps their clients build in-house capability via their mentoring and guidance program. The company focuses on integration, workflow and collaboration projects using their specialist Microsoft capabilities such SharePoint technologies.

  1. Loftus

Loftus builds tailor made technology solutions for South Australian business. The company makes good use of SharePoint design solutions to help their clients run their business efficiently.

  1. SSW

SSW offers consulting services using the best of breed Microsoft solutions for more than 1,000 clients in 15 countries. Them being a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner means that the company is quite knowledgeable with Microsoft technologies including SharePoint and can use them with relative ease and convenience.

  1. Diversus

Diversus focuses on business and technology challenges and developing a plan to solve today’s issues integrating the latest innovations including SharePoint to their business solutions.

  1. Coritsu

Coritsu makes good use of SharePoint technology in helping organisations transform their information into knowledge in a meaningful and understandable way.

  1. Kloud

Kloud is a premier provider of professional and managed services to deliver and enhance their client’s cloud based services. This means making good use of complementary cloud applications such as SharePoint to their day to day activities.

SharePoint has gone a very long way with its reach and coverage continually expanding even as we speak. Companies engage in Adelaide motor vehicle accidents are able to get in touch with their staff in a timely and orderly manner using SharePoint. This is made possible with the introduction of mobile apps that works hand in hand with SharePoint. This in turn makes it possible for just about anyone to get in touch with the company that they are working with at any given time when the need calls for them to do.

Make the necessary changes to implement SharePoint technologies to your company in the present. Get in touch with a SharePoint consultant to have your questions and enquiries answered right away.