SharePoint Application Development is the GOLD in SharePoint. Unfortunately many companies use it as an intranet that people rarely visit. But if you create applications on the platform to streamline business processes, utilise Business Intelligence and more, then SharePoint becomes the cornerstone of your organisation.

First though our approach is to understand the client’s requirements fully. While this may sound like common sense, in practice many consultancies go straight to solution mode. They may produce something that the clients want, but if no-one in the organisation ends up using the solution, then the project has failed. It is crucial for us to understand the heart of value in the project. Once we understand the primary drivers, we can ensure we deliver the best outcome.

We believe that for a SharePoint intranet to provide great value to the business it needs to:

  • Address gaping issues that affect everyone in the organisation e.g. provide a staff directory if one doesn’t exist,
  • Build mini SharePoint applications to address business pain points such as replacing manual processes,
  • Change business behaviours: heavy email usage is a sure sign of inefficient working, there are a much better options,
  • Foster collaboration within and between departments to reduce the daily grind tasks,
  • Enable users to do real work, not just read the news,
  • Ensure SharePoint Search is accurate and reliable,
  • Only provide tools that people are going to need and use, you may not need to

    build a team site for every department, straight away, and

  • Lead people to a new way of working together

A regular comment we receive from teams is ‘you just saved us 2 days work a week!’. Not bad considering our solution took only 4 or 5 days to build. There are serious business benefits to SharePoint. We’d like to introduce them to your organisation.