Since April 2009, SharePoint Designer 2007 has been available as a free download. SharePoint Designer 2007 is a great tool for SharePoint Power users, developers and administrators.

You can use SharePoint Designer 2007 to edit sites, create templates and masterpages, create new sites, navigate through content and more.

You can also lock down how and where SharePoint Designer 2007 will be used on your site collections. After all, you don’t want to hand a swiss army knife to a child. In the wrong hands SharePoint Designer could be deadly.

But if you want to start off by allowing someone access to designer to manage their own team site, it’s a good idea to get them more interested in what SharePoint Designer can do and how they can start to create some real business benefits by using it.

For example, to create simple approval workflows, SharePoint Designer is the tool of choice. It vastly improved as SharePoint Designer 2010 and again as SharePoint Designer 2013 – although many power users bemoaned the fact you now have to know how to code to use SPD 2013.

Unfortunately SharePoint 2007 though is well past it’s use by date, Search is very limited, it takes about 15 clicks to insert an image on a page, so it’s CMS capability is many years behind.

Still SPD 2007 proved to be a great tool to those that used it in the early days, particularly as nothing much was available for SharePoint 2003.

So goodbye SharePoint Designer 2007, thanks for the stepping stone, I wonder what SharePoint Designer 2015 or 2016 will look like.