SharePoint development is more than just setting up a server. While enterprise requirements can be met by configuring SharePoint’s features and workloads, it still require functionality that can only be delivered through customization. It requires expertise of implementing business requirements and workflows to avoid the need to license and reduce cost.

Our approach ensures that clients undertake SharePoint projects for the right reasons. ‘To get people to visit the site’ isn’t a reason in itself. Business Benefit is crucial – increasing efficiencies, improving the culture, collaborating effectively, better enterprise search and other factors need to be derived for the project to be a success.

SharePoint Business Value

Many SharePoint consultancies and developers tend to go straight to solution mode for a client. They may produce something that the clients wants, but if no-one in the business ends up using the solution, then the project has failed.

A lot of SharePoint projects are driven by Communications and IT departments. These departments have their own ideas of what an intranet should contain, and may miss out on some key business benefits.

For a SharePoint intranet to provide great value to the business:

  • Address the gap issues that affect everyone, for example provide a staff directory if one doesn’t exist
  • Foster collaboration within and between departments to reduce the daily grind tasks
  • Build mini SharePoint applications to replace manual processes. If you rely too much on email, then know that there are much better ways of doing things these days
  • Make sure people actually use the intranet to do real work, not just read the news. They don’t have time to read the news – because they are working in old ways rather than leveraging SharePoint
  • Ensure SharePoint Search is accurate and reliable
  • Only provide tools that people are going to need and use
  • Get around the business and address their pain points

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