Melbourne businesses utilising SharePoint technology:

  1. Readify

Readify helps their clients develop and support innovative software projects which is backed by a powerful network and a growing group of complimentary services such as SharePoint.

  1. FiveP

FiveP specialise in planning, deploying and managing Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 solutions. Their staff has over 15 years’ experience on the SharePoint platform, working for clients including National Australia Bank and BHP.

  1. Sope

Sope Web Technologies is a web solutions consultancy that is based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia that works to improve business processes, reduce business risk and make things easier all round for their clients.

  1. Adaptive

Adaptative specialises in a broad range of subject matters in addition to having expertise in PHP & Open Source technologies. The company makes good use of SharePoint technology in training and mentoring their employees, creating a workplace that encourages their ability and career growth.

  1. McClewan Technologies

McClewan Technologies is a Melbourne-based company specialising in providing IT solutions and services to ensure maximum business productivity and performance. SharePoint technology is implemented with their various activities including Private Cloud services and Traditional hardware server support and on-premise virtualisation.

  1. The Cluster

The Cluster provides over 2500m² of office space with both shared work areas and private offices, venue spaces, beautiful boardrooms and meeting rooms, reliable fast internet, social and networking events. The Cluster has a large, diverse and friendly business community and all of this is made possible with the help of SharePoint technology.

  1. LogicalTech

LogicalTech provide a fully rounded service offering, from strategy through to technical service delivery. The company prides themselves with the solutions they provide to their customers as well as the strength of their client relationships.

  1. Nintex

Nintex provides an easy, point-and-click workflow automation software to tackle everything from basic business functions to company-wide processes with a few clicks of a button. The company is able to automate workflows using SharePoint allowing them to keep their projects and processes up to date.

  1. Kachiro

Kachiro makes use of SharePoint technology on a regular day to day basis from program code, to documentation, as well as participating in project teams, and workshops, or delivering training courses.

  1. SimpleID

SimpleID provides hosted exchange and web hosting solutions and has expanded their services to include a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider. Their goal is to provide efficient, cost effective and world-class cloud solutions to their clients with the help of SharePoint technology.

SharePoint has taken the world by storm. A great number of companies all around the world have benefited greatly from the huge amount of benefits it provides to them. Companies using SharePoint technology were also able to have their services be promoted receiving a fair amount of attention to their clients

It is good to hear that SharePoint has become more accessible with many providers setting up and integrating their services online. Look for a SharePoint solutions provider near you as you plans on how to implement the very same technology to your company today.