SharePoint Promoted on Social Media: Who’s Doing It Best?

SharePoint’s success can be attributed to its huge number of users. People from all over the world have benefited greatly from the great deal of convenience SharePoint brings to them on their day to day lives. The same can also be said with regards to companies that were able to streamline their daily activities making them more seamless with the help of SharePoint. Those who want to receive the latest news and updates about the product will be able to find them over the internet. Let us look at some of the profiles of SharePoint groups or experts around the world.

SharePoint Promoted on Social Media: Who’s Doing It Best?

SharePoint promoters are often finding success with the business that they are managing. A good example of this can be found with Webvine director Marcus Dervin on Linked-In. Mr. Dervin provides SharePoint, Office 365 and Dynamics CRM consultancy to his clients. His company has created Injio, a ready to go SharePoint Digital Workplace Intranet which offers a ton of features that can be completely tailored to suit their needs.

Noora Hakkarainen is Sharepoint Consultant and Social Media Expert at AURUM CONSULTING GMBH, She is SharePoint professional having special expertise in online and digital business service development, concepting as well as training. Working as a Consultant for several years’ experience on the customer side, Noora Hakkarainen has become an expert in SharePoint 2010 platform and O365 Services

Another great example is Isha Kapoor Sr. a SharePoint Consultant, SharePoint MVP as well as the Founder of Her main area of focus is to provide professional Services in all Cloud Technologies (Office 365, Azure), SharePoint Server (including SharePoint 2016) and other Microsoft technologies such as Office, OneDrive for business etc.

Veronique Palmer CEO of Lets Collaborate has also made quite a name for herself over the years being a Specialist at User Adoption Strategies, Governance, Evangelism and Communication Strategies. She has won 12 awards in 7 years while at the same time a finalist in 4 others. As mentioned earlier, she is the founder of Lets Collaborate having 10 years of SharePoint experience. In addition, she has also been invited to speak at several SharePoint conferences including South Africa, Australia, Singapore, UK, USA and Canada.

Joseph Saad, SharePoint MCM is a SharePoint Architect and Consultant at Dell Technologies. Mr Saad has acquired over 19 years of experience in IT industry with a central focus on helping organization with achieving value from their SharePoint and Office 365 implementations. He is also Focusing on SharePoint Infrastructure, Process Automation, SharePoint migration and disaster recovery.

It should be noted that LinkedIn profiles is not the only place that you will be able to find SharePoint groups or experts around the world. SharePoint on Twitter is also being discussed quite frequently even as we speak. This in turn makes Twitter also a good place to find fellow SharePoint enthusiasts. For instance, Damon Sanchez, is a creative illustrator, designer and programming philosopher shares SharePoint news and updates to thousands of his followers. Facebook is also a great platform to find individuals who promote SharePoint over social media. Joining online communities and groups will also help widen your reach and connectivity which is great if you are looking for SharePoint users giving you a far better understanding of the software.



SharePoint Predictions for 2017 & Beyond

SharePoint is used by a huge number of companies all around the world allowing its users to streamline their day to day activities. 2016 has been a very good year for Sharepoint with it introducing new innovations and technologies businesses have benefitting greatly from. Let us consider some of the SharePoint predictions for 2017 & beyond.

SharePoint Predictions for 2017 & Beyond

New ventures are popping up all over the place, ready to take on the new year and there are a number of startups to watch in 2017 who may be utilising SharePoint to its full potential. Spacer for instance, bills itself as ‘the fastest growing space sharing community’ in Australia. Its aim is to connect people who have spare storage space – such as an empty garage, a shed or a spare parking space – with those who need affordable storage options.

Mad Paws is another Sydney-based startup whose aim is to connect pet owners with convenient, affordable boarding solutions ‘whilst still maintaining the care, love, and attention pets receive at high-end, expensive, pet boarding services’.

Looking at What Microsoft will be doing at CES 2017 can help people get a good glimpse on what to expect with SharePoint in the coming year. Even though Microsoft now makes its own hardware, it no longer has a flashy stand at CES. Instead, it has a private area for meetings with OEMs who make Windows devices and peripherals, and some press briefings. Some key areas including augmented reality and virtual reality and mixed reality, plus IoT, robotics, bots, and cognitive services.

The great promise of AI – a technology once confined to sci-fi movies – lies within the grasp of everyday business. More and more companies are seeing the AI light, and if predictions prove right, this could be the year AI goes mainstream. SharePoint integrated with AI function is indeed a promising prospect allowing use to get a gaze into the future and what it holds to companies all over the world.

Another area SharePoint excels is the management of employees. Hiring trends for 2017 shows that a majority of IT leaders – 63% – expect overall 2017 IT salaries to stay the same compared to 2016 rates, and 1% expect salaries to decrease in the coming year. Furthermore, while most CIOs aren’t planning department-wide salary boosts, a greater number of tech leaders will be giving raises to certain in-demand roles. SharePoint is expected to play an integral role in this process proving its value and worth to many companies.

SharePoint becoming more and more mainstream means that companies will be relying more on the platform for their day to day activities. Security measures will need to be reinforced to keep data safe and secured. Vodafone Australia set to build inaugural cyber defence and response centre in an effort to provide the much needed security. The telco said the CDRC will provide event monitoring, threat protection and intelligence, and incident response. The capabilities will be used by Vodafone’s enterprise division.

We’ve mentioned a few of predictions for the share market in Australia & globally in 2017 & beyond. We hope to have some if not all of the predictions put into action and become a reality. SharePoint’s potential is still growing and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in the near future.


Companies & Corporations That Use SharePoint Or Office Intranets

Most modern day computers in the world are running Microsoft products. There are 125 million SharePoint licenses and 65,000 customers making it one of the 50 largest software companies in the world. Even companies and corporations that use office intranets prefer to use Microsoft SharePoint; in fact 80% of all Fortune 500 companies are using some version of SharePoint. One in two corporations is using SharePoint Server according to Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM). SharePoint is widely used worldwide due to its flexibility and collaboration structure. From Intranet/Extranet, enterprise search, business process management, enterprise content management, file sharing capability, records management, social networks, archiving to public-facing websites. The use and capabilities of SharePoint is incredible.

Intranet is traditionally used to provide a secure database where employees could share files, forms and documents, and it can also be used to share relevant information and collaboration tool for teams. SharePoint as an office intranet can be used to boost company organisation’s productivity. SharePoint intranet promotes cooperation between members of the company because it makes communication easier thus making it easier for people to work together. SharePoint as intranet facilitates efficient knowledge management and simplify the way people work together regardless of location. They can find and share information in real time simultaneously anywhere in the world allowing innovation and better decision making. This capability helps increases business productivity, save time and cost and better return on investment. Today more and more companies and corporations like ACM Group Corporate are now using SharePoint intranet to increase their competitiveness, promote innovation, improves productivity while reducing cost.

Your company will also benefit from SharePoint Intranet if:

  • Your company waste time to locate information
  • You have file duplication and lack of control
  • You have excessive use of email for communication
  • There is no business process automation
  • Knowledge is lost among employees
  • You want to easily work from any location

Using SharePoint your people can manage documents, share information, set up websites and publish reports from any location. SharePoint capabilities can help your people work together to help your company respond quickly to customer demand and changing business needs. Here’s a list of companies and corporations that use SharePoint or Office Intranet:

LJ Hooker

Commonwealth Bank

Tampax – Procter & Gamble
Colonial First State

Kraft Foods
Camp Quality

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Richard Crookes Construction

Dell Financial Services


Best Uses of SharePoint

SharePoint is a strong platform for addressing different business requirements. Its implementations can be customized to fit any aspect of the business. SharePoint is a powerful tool that provides an out-of-the box solution for common business needs. Here are the best uses of SharePoint for business:

Document Management
SharePoint gives businesses a central location to store documents. Anyone in the organisation can access documents stored in SharePoint. You no longer have to go to different offices or wait for emails to get the files you need. SharePoint allows you and your coworkers to work and edit a single document simultaneously. Documents are also available for mobile employees and can be accessed using smart devices.

SharePoint is the best collaboration portal. It is designed to make group interaction in a single location. Access SharePoint from any desktop or mobile device and coordinate information on project statuses, coworkers schedule or anything related to projects. A dedicated page can be created for this purpose that may contain documents, bulletin board, surveys, links to resources, calendar and presentations. This is the perfect place to communicate with teams, coworkers and business partners on any project.

Solving Business Problems (Workflow)
SharePoint provides platform to build custom business solutions and business processes with workflow based solutions. It empowers non-technical users to fix efficiency problems. SharePoint allows employees to know about issues and solve them without involving IT. Workflow through SharePoint speeds up processes, remove unnecessary steps, minimize errors, provide better documentation and improve communication.

SharePoint is an internally facing site that everyone in the organisation can use find news, documents, scheduled tasks, announcements and other information. This serves as a meeting room that everyone in the company can attend during workdays. Employees can give input via suggestion box, surveys and polls. Dashboards can be customized by departments so they can get information they need anytime.

Business Intelligence
SharePoint provides comprehensive access to business data and information that helps businesses to make better decisions. Business intelligence centre in SharePoint enables organisations to store and manage data connections reports and dashboards centrally. It enhances self-service business intelligence, analyst can now customize, design and maintain their business intelligence without the IT intervention.

SharePoint can be used to build and manage a public facing website. As content management system site, SharePoint allows users to make changes to pages and update information, create new pages and add text or graphics.

SharePoint can also be used to set up secure site with external users for easy collaboration. Extranet solutions extend the functionality of office intranet to customers, suppliers and partners. SharePoint’s rich feature makes collaborating with customers and business partners via the extranet natural. Improved communication through extranet can increase efficiency for both parties.

SharePoint is a web platform that can be accessed anywhere in the world. Link, OfficeSuite and Skype combine to give instant communication. This is particularly helpful for businesses with branches in different locations. SharePoint features can be accessed online using mobile devices.

Project Management
SharePoint makes project management easy; users can collaborate to manage a project. Both experienced user and new users can handle anything from small project using new project site template to more sophisticated management portfolio projects. SharePoint provides project managers with an easy and efficient way to coordinate resources, manage team members, tract tasks and communicate with stakeholders in real time.

SharePoint is a powerful tool that provides out-of-the box business solutions. We can develop customised SharePoint platform depending on your business needs. Please call us about SharePoint consultation if you think SharePoint may help you.


Using Sharepoint To Help Staff Interface Over Waste Management

Having engaged employees is essential to the growth and improvement of a company. Employee engagement is a challenge especially in larger organizations. There are number of tools available in SharePoint to improve employee engagement in a single package. SharePoint has a social capability that gives employees the opportunity to contribute knowledge and ideas in an efficient manner. And the benefits can be seen soon after implementation.

Engage employees have a great attitude and give extra effort beyond their regular responsibilities while disengaged employees create negative company reputation. Effective internal communication is one of the most powerful ways to engage employees. SharePoint allows employees to communicate to one another in a safe, constructive environment without fear of criticism. They can contribute an idea, solve problems together and gain recognition for their services.

Facility cleanliness and hygiene impacts the business operation in many ways. Front area of the building is fundamental to creating an excellent first impression to your staff, clients and visitors. Clean workspaces are important for employees’ health and well-being. Office cleaning whether done in-house or through a professional cleaning company should provide customized attention to detail. On-line communication system to address office waste management is easy using SharePoint. SharePoint platform makes it simple for the staff to share documents and special request regarding office cleanliness and hygiene.

Employees can also work together in collaboration to advance environmental cause of recycling and reducing the carbon footprint of the company. SharePoint makes it easier to collaborate with different departments; a committee can be made to oversee recycling and waste management programs. Using SharePoint help staff interface over waste management program of the company. It is the company’s responsibility to make more than money, the health of its employees and the environment is primary important.

Microsoft SharePoint integrates social to its platform. Employees can now share and collaborate quickly in teams or across the whole organisation. It allows staff members to communicate with experts using hashtags and direct messaging to solicit answers and solutions. Rich content like videos and picture can be viewed inline. SharePoint Social can be easily implemented in the workplace to improve communication in the organisation.

Developing effective internal communication can improve employee engagement and job satisfaction. SharePoint is a communication tool that encourages employees to become more collaborative, creative and productive, helping the company grow and achieve its goals. For real employee engagement, make SharePoint intranet an integral part of your employees’ digital work experience.

Do you need help making the most of your SharePoint environment? We have SharePoint consultants who can help you make better use of this technology. SharePoint can help boost productivity and increase collaboration for your organisation. We make SharePoint cost-effective and the right solution for your business problems. Call us, we will be happy to help you.